Festival Auditions

Jr Cello revised on 4/11/24!!! Sr Percussion revised on 4/23!!! Please review.

Sr Honor Jazz Combo ~ New audition procedure for 2024. Click link at bottom.

If your audition music is missing, it is being revised. Please keep checking back.

All students audition for ensemble and orchestra placement when they arrive at the festival on Saturday, June 1, 2024. Audition music can be printed by clicking the instrument listed below. Participation in orchestra by wind and brass students will be determined by their auditions at the festival on June 1. Junior designation is for students who have just completed 7th or 8th grade; Senior designation is for those who have just completed 9th-12th grades. SENIOR LEVEL: You will audition with the current year’s Montana All-State repertoire. Print your instrument’s pages from the files below. All materials listed for your instrument must be prepared in advance. Piano students, you must complete and submit the audition form below.

All piano only students should be aware that they may be asked to help out with a large ensemble (Band or Orchestra) in order to fill out their week at Red Lodge. Most often, the final Saturday and Sunday student musical activities are the large groups only.

Violin – Junior Senior

Viola – Junior  Senior

Cello – Junior  Senior

Double Bass – Junior  Senior

Flute – Junior  Senior  Flute/Piccolo Fingering Chart

Oboe – Junior  Senior  Oboe Fingering Chart

Clarinet – Junior  Senior  Clarinet Fingering Chart

Bassoon – Junior  Senior  Bassoon Fingering Chart

Saxophone – Junior  Senior  Saxophone Fingering Chart

French Horn – Junior  Senior  Horn Fingering Chart

Trumpet – Junior  Senior  Trumpet Fingering Chart

Trombone – Junior  Senior  Trombone Slide Position Chart  Bass Trombone Slide Positions

Euphonium – Junior  Senior  Euphonium Fingering Chart.   Euphonium TC Fingering Chart

Tuba – Junior  Senior  Tuba Fingering Chart

Percussion – Junior  Senior

Piano – Junior Senior

Sr Honor Jazz Combo Auditions